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How It's Made

The first step in creating crystal-clear ice is a multi-level carbon bed filter which removes chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste, and odor from water.

Secondly, the micron filter removes all large bacteria and impurities too small to be caught by the charcoal filter.

The final purification step is a UV light filter that insures all bacteria and viruses in the water have been removed before moving on to the freezing tower.

The now fully purified water slowly trickles down the outside of our freezing tubes, creating layer upon layer of thin, crystal-clear ice, which goes through a harvesting cycle, breaking into large wedges.

Once the ice is ready to be bagged, it moves from the storage freezer through sizing saws, which create perfectly sized ice cubes. It then passes through a snow screen to be sure you only receive whole, solid ice cubes in every bag.

The perfectly sized and screened ice travels into our bagging room, where it is automatically weighed and sealed into bags, never being touched by human hands.

Our manufacturing crew carefully stacks our bags of ice in easy-to-deliver racks or larger pallets depending on final delivery needs.

Our customer service drivers bring your ice in temperature-controlled trucks that insure all product arrives frozen, in its factory-pure state.

Our team members neatly stack 7 and 20 lb. bags of ice into clean and brightly labeled ice merchandisers for your convenience.


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