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Our History

Sisler's Dairy Products started in 1908 as a supplier of ice cut from a local pond in Ohio, IL. The owner, George Sisler, who was a local mail carrier, began experimenting with creating a high-quality ice cream during his free time. He soon began selling small containers of his creations on his mail route, and word quickly spread about how good his ice cream was. With more demand for his product, he decided to retire from the postal service and slow ice deliveries to devote his time to producing and selling ice cream and other dairy products.

Two of his sons, Bill and Ed, decided to expand the business and increase production and product offerings. Noticing the need for ice in the restaurants that purchased their ice cream, they started producing and packaging ice. Not long after this, they split the company into two separate entities. Ed created this company, Sisler's Ice in Dekalb, IL. Bill kept the original location in Ohio, IL, with Sisler's Ice and Ice Cream.  


Ed and his two sons, Scott and Mark, have since grown the company, expanding the dairy and ice offerings. They later focused solely on ice production, packaging and delivering their product throughout northern Illinois. They continue to live by George's philosophy of offering high-quality products with dependable service at a fair price.

Storing Ice at Albrecht Pond c. 1908

Sisler's Dairy c. 1920's - George Sisler (left)

George Leon Sisler 

Anna Monroe Sisler

Anna Driving Deliveries c 1932

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