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Sisler's Ice is a 3rd generation packaged ice manufacturer in Dekalb, IL; striving to provide quality and dependable service and products to the surrounding Northern Illinois area.

  • 7 & 20 lb bagged ice delivery

  • Box rental

  • Special event rentals and deliveries

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We use a unique delivery system where a customer can check in ice with confidence. Each delivery comes on factory stacked racks that are uniform and easy to count.  The individual checking in the delivery won't have to go back and forth every time the driver brings in more product.


It is uniform, consistent, and the fastest way to get product into your store; where it is needed most.


Our ice is produced in a state of the art ice production facility built in 2003.  It is triple stage filtered, frozen, and packaged all while never being touched by human hands.


Our ice is available in 7lb and 20lb bags and can be delivered on small, easy to handle racks or full pallets. Packaged shaved ice and block ice is available on special order.

How It's Made

Our ice is made with highly purified water and slowly drip frozen to create a clear, high quality ice chip sized to fit any glass perfectly.  

Click below to see a more in depth explanation of our process.